Who We Are

Our Board of Directors

Our board of directors is comprised of immensely talented and dedicated individuals—each helping to ensure we achieve our mission to inform, inspire, and empower people to speak and act for the ocean.

Dr. David C. Aldrich
Vienna, VA

Ms. Dane Nichols
Vice Chair
Washington, DC

Mr. Edward M. Miller
Charlottesville, VA

Mr. William Martin
Nashville, TN

Mr. Thomas H. Allen
Portland, ME and Washington, DC

Ms. Laura Burton Capps
Santa Barbara, CA

Mr. Steve Henn
Chicago, IL

Ms. Eva Ho
Los Angeles, CA

Mr. Andreas Merkl*
Washington, DC

Mr. Jeremy Milo
Mountain View, CA

Ms. Kathleen Justice-Moore
Palo Alto, CA

Dr. Michael Orbach
Santa Cruz, CA
Mr. Daniel Oros
Menlo Park, CA

Dr. Stephen Palumbi
Ex officio
Palo Alto, CA

Mr. John Sargent
New York, NY

Mr. Steve Strongin
New York, NY

Mr. Lawrence Wagenberg
New York, NY

Ms. Kelly Wanser
San Francisco, CA

Dr. Suzanne H. Woolsey
Harwood, MD

Andreas Merkl (also a Board member)

Janis Searles Jones 

Lawrence Amon 

Join the Fight for a Healthy Ocean

Help keep the ocean healthy for sea turtles, polar bears, whales and people like you.


Why the Ocean Matters

The ocean provides the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. Learn more about why the ocean matters to you.  

Vision for a Healthy Ocean

Ocean Conservancy works to keep the ocean healthy, to keep us healthy.

Our Solutions

We champion sound science that will lead to innovative, sustainable solutions.

Ocean Conservancy makes careful use of your support, and holds high ratings from charity watchdogs.
BBB Accredited Charity