800,000 and Counting: The Soaring Deepwater Horizon Bird Death Count

A new study estimates coastal seabird mortality from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico

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May 22, 2014

Below is a statement from Kara Lankford, Interim Director of Ocean Conservancy’s Gulf Restoration Program, on a new study estimating coastal seabird mortality from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico:

New Orleans, LA- “A new study estimates that between 600,000 and 800,000 coastal seabirds died because of the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster, a number that far exceeds any previous estimate. These findings come at a time when BP is refusing to pay for science critical to fully understanding the effects of the oil disaster on the Gulf’s natural resources.

In an early news report on the bird study published in the New York Times, a BP spokesperson questioned the study’s methodology, findings and also the objectivity of its authors. BP claims there are more reliable numbers being developed through the Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) process, yet BP is refusing to pay $147 million to support ongoing scientific NRDA studies.

If BP is sincere about truly making things right for Gulf Coast residents and the marine environment that so many people in this region depend on, the company will fulfill its legal obligation and civic duty and fund the science so desperately needed in the Gulf of Mexico.”

Please contact John Wark (above) to arrange an interview with Kara, or to learn more about the study from Ocean Conservancy’s Conservation Biologist Alexis Baldera.

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