Andreas Merkl Takes Helm at Ocean Conservancy

With business background and lifelong commitment to the ocean, CEO set to make waves

Andreas Merkl

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February 4, 2013

Washington, D.C.: Today is Andreas Merkl’s first day as Ocean Conservancy’s President and Chief Executive Officer. Now working toward tackling the ocean’s biggest challenges with science-based solutions, Merkl most recently served as a principal at California Environmental Associates, a San Francisco-based think tank and consultancy that works on the management of the natural resource commons, ranging from fisheries to freshwater, forests, air and biodiversity, with a particular interest in the intersection of conservation and finance.

“Ocean Conservancy has made great strides in finding solutions to problems that face the ocean,” Merkl said. “But our work is far from over. The ocean is at the very center of the central challenge of our time: how to meet the enormous resource demands of a rapidly growing global population without destroying the natural systems that sustain us. In every aspect of this challenge—food, energy, climate and protection of our natural resources—our ability to manage our impacts on the ocean will make the crucial difference in sustaining the resources that we need to survive. Ocean Conservancy should be at the very center of these issues.”

Online bio available here.
Merkl’s blog post on his first day on the job available here.

“Our Board of Directors is truly excited to have Andreas at the helm. His inspired vision for the organization and commitment to our goals convinced us that, building on our 40 years of significant achievement, Andreas and Ocean Conservancy can be influential leaders in meeting the difficult challenges ahead,” said Curtis Bohlen, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “With a background in environmental science, resource economics and sustainable fisheries management, Andreas is steeped in the issues which Ocean Conservancy must address to help maintain a healthy ocean, the key to a sustainable planet.” 

“It is with great enthusiasm that our team across the nation welcomes Andreas to Ocean Conservancy,” said Janis Searles Jones, who has been serving as Interim CEO and today returns to her role as Senior Vice President for Policy and Programs. “Andreas has a deep commitment to the ocean, to our organization’s mission and to growing our efforts to tackle the ocean’s biggest challenges.”

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