About Our New Site

Welcome to the New OceanConservancy.org

Our new website is designed to provide our supporters with a more immersive and engaging experience with our work and our ocean.

The New OceanConservancy.org - Welcome to the beta test of our new website.

Ocean Conservancy's digital presence has had an amazing few months: 

Today, we're building on that success by offering you a new online home for Ocean Conservancy.

We hope this new site will offer our supporters a more immersive, engaging, and useful experience online and will surface more of the great content we've been creating for you over the years. 

The site and its content are designed to lay out Ocean Conservancy's vision for a healthy ocean and present a compelling case for how we're working on the ground, with smart science and in the halls of power to achieve that vision. 

It is also designed to provide you with more points of engagement so you can take action, get the news you need and support our vision of a healthy ocean that supports both wildlife and our communities. 

What Can You Do to Help?

During these first few weeks, after launch things won't be perfect -- you may run into some dead ends, you might have a hard time finding the content you're looking for and you might even come across some pages that just don't look right. 

We'd love your help in addressing these issues as you encounter them. So when you come across a problem, have a hard time finding something or just can't figure out where you're supposed to go next, please click on the gray "Give us feedback" tab in the right-hand corner of the browser and submit a comment about the trouble you're having. 

In this feedback tab we ask for your name and email address so we can follow up on your comments if we need to. This email goes straight to our Director of Digital Marketing, and you will not be added to any of our email lists by submitting feedback. 

What's Next for Ocean Conservancy's Digital Work?

While we're really excited to roll out our new website, there's a lot more we want to bring you. In the coming weeks and months we'll be: 

  • Rolling out a fresh design for The Blog Aquatic,
  • Relaunching our ocean trash action site, Keep the Coast Clear, and
  • Creating a mobile version of our website to give you the absolute best on-the-go experience we can. 

Thank you all for your continued support and any feedback you have on the new website. There are great things coming for our community, our work and our ocean. 

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Ocean Conservancy works to keep the ocean healthy, to keep us healthy.

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