Who We Are

Our Team

Ocean Conservancy staff members are scientists and lawyers, accountants and advocates. But we’re also surfers and divers, fishermen and kayakers.

When we’re not in the office working hard to protect the ocean, we’re out enjoying it – from catching the perfect wave to reeling in the perfect catch.  

Our work allows us to use our individual talents to make a collective impact on the health of the ocean. We all share in the responsibility to find the solutions.

Executive Office

Andreas Merkl
Email: amerkl@oceanconservancy.org

Janis Searles Jones
Email: jjones@oceanconservancy.org

Larry Amon
Chief Financial Officer
Email: lamon@oceanconservancy.org

Chris Dorsett
Vice President, Conservation Policy and Programs
Email: cdorsett@oceanconservancy.org

Donna Hill
Vice President, Human Resources & Administration
Email: dhill@oceanconservancy.org

Sarah Humphries
Vice President, Resource Development
Email: shumphries@oceanconservancy.org

Emily Woglom
Vice President, Conservation Policy and Programs
Email: ewoglom@oceanconservancy.org

National Conservation Policy and Legal Affairs

Alexis Baldera
Conservation Biologist
Email: abaldera@oceanconservancy.org

Jeff Barger
Manager, Constituent Outreach
Email: jbarger@oceanconservancy.org

Ellen Bolen
Director, Fish Conservation Program
Email: ebolen@oceanconservancy.org

JP Brooker
Policy Analyst, Fish Conservation Program

Sarah Cooley
Science Outreach Manager, Ocean Acidification Program

Michael Drexler
Fisheries Scientist, Fish Conservation Program

Libby Fetherston
Marine Restoration Strategist
Email: efetherston@oceanconservancy.org

Addie Haughey
Senior Manager, Government Relations
Email: ahaughey@oceanconservancy.org 

Andrew Hartsig
Director, Arctic Program
Email: ahartsig@oceanconservancy.org

Andres Jimenez
Senior Manager, Government Relations
Email: ajimenez@oceanconservancy.org 

Kara Lankford
Interim Director, Gulf Restoration Program
Email: klankford@oceanconservancy.org

Adena Leibman
Plastics Initiative Manager
Email: aleibman@oceanconservancy.org

George Leonard
Chief Scientist
Email: gleonard@oceanconservancy.org

Matt Love
Conservation Biologist-GIS Specialist
Email: mlove@oceanconservancy.org

Nicholas Mallos
Director, Trash Free Seas
Email: nmallos@oceanconservancy.org

T.J. Marshall
Director, Constituent Outreach
Email: tmarshall@oceanconservancy.org

Anne Merwin
Director, Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning Program
Email: amerwin@oceanconservancy.org 

Todd Phillips
Monitoring Specialist, Fish Conservation Program
Email: tphillips@oceanconservancy.org

Chris Robbins
Senior Manager, Restoration Planning
Email: crobbins@oceanconservancy.org  

Julia Roberson
Director, Strategic Communications and Ocean Acidification
Email: jroberson@oceanconservancy.org 

Allison Schutes
Trash Free Seas Manager

Whit Sheard
Director, International Arctic Program
Email: wsheard@oceanconservancy.org 

Amy Trice
Policy Analyst, Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning Program
Email: atrice@oceanconservancy.org 

Jeff Watters
Director, Government Relations
Email: jwatters@oceanconservancy.org

Anna Zivian
Associate Director, Knowledge Management
Email: azivian@oceanconservancy.org


Marie Michelson
Director, Digital Strategies
Email: mmichelson@oceanconservancy.org

Michelle Frey
Associate Director, Digital Outreach
Email: mfrey@oceanconservancy.org

Drew Seman 
Senior Manager, Fundraising and Outreach
Email: dseman@oceanconservancy.org

Resource Development

Amy Fonville
Associate Director, Membership Programs
Email: afonville@oceanconservancy.org

Betty Hallman
Director, Corporate Relations
Email: bhallman@oceanconservancy.org

Matthew Lider
Regional Philanthropy Officer, Western United States  (Seattle, WA)
Email: mlider@oceanconservancy.org

Kelly Luck
Director, Foundations & Government Support
Email: kluck@oceanconservancy.org

Carleigh McDonald 
Regional Philanthropy Officer, Eastern United States (Washington, DC)
Email: cmcdonald@oceanconservancy.org

Charlotte Meyer
Director, Planned Giving
Email: cmeyer@oceanconservancy.org

Merrie Beth Nauman
Director, Database Management
Email: mnauman@oceanconservancy.org

Administration and Finance

Robin Bailey
Senior Manager, Administration
Email: rbailey@oceanconservancy.org

Kenneth Donaldson
Director, Finance
Email: kdonaldson@oceanconservancy.org


Do An Ocean of Good

Stand with us in the fight to keep the ocean healthy for marine wildlife and for the people whose lives and livelihoods depend on it.


Why the Ocean Matters

The ocean provides the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. Learn more about why the ocean matters to you.  

Vision for a Healthy Ocean

Ocean Conservancy works to keep the ocean healthy, to keep us healthy.

Our Solutions

We champion sound science that will lead to innovative, sustainable solutions.

Ocean Conservancy makes careful use of your support, and holds high ratings from charity watchdogs.
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