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The fight for conservation is a continual battle that requires perseverance. We can’t fight the battle alone, and we rely on members like you to help voice our shared vision.  Renew your membership with Ocean Conservancy and ensure we can continue our mission to fight for a healthy ocean

Renewing your Ocean Conservancy membership keeps you connected with researchers sailing the vast expanses of the Northern Pacific to study how marine debris drifts between continents. You are part of a coast-to-coast network that keep millions of tons of trash from harming dolphins, whales, sea turtles, otters and fish. You are creating a plan to restore the Gulf of Mexico. You are making a difference for the ocean.

With your renewal gift, you'll continue to be a vital part of our community of supporters and activists who are committed to preserving and protecting our wondrous ocean and its magnificent wildlife– and keep receiving the great member benefits you expect from Ocean Conservancy:

  • Updates on the health of our ocean and special opportunities to support the ocean, such as participating in the International Coastal Cleanup or advocating for the ocean with your elected officials;
  • Invitations to special events and volunteer opportunities;
  • Personalized Ocean Conservancy membership card;
  • Our full color-16 month Ocean Wildlife Calendar, which brings the beauty of the ocean to your home or office; and
  • A subscription to our quarterly newsletter, Splash, stocked with the latest on ocean conservation near you and around the world.

Your Support is Critical to Our Success

For 40 years, we've brought science-based solutions to the most pressing ocean conservation issues of our time:

  • Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanups have mobilized more than 9 million volunteers to remove 145 million pounds of trash from our coasts and waterways, protecting wildlife and people alike.
  • We have helped protect critical ecosystems in the Pacific, by fighting for oil spill prevention and response programs, pushing for labels on genetically engineered salmon, and building support for a ban on the sale of shark fins. 
  • Our experts have worked in the Gulf to guide ecosystem restoration in the wake of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster and in the Arctic to force a timeout on oil and gas activity until we're sure our pristine waters remain clean and healthy.

Every day, we fight for a healthy ocean for the wildlife -- sea turtles, polar bears, whales -- and the people whose lives and livelihoods depend on it.  It support from people like you who make our successes possible.

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Renew your commitment to a healthy planet and a healthy ocean by continuing your membership with Ocean Conservancy. Our valued members make all of our work possible. Donate today to continue your pledge to protect our greatest resource.

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Ocean Conservancy makes careful use of your support, and holds high ratings from charity watchdogs.
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