The Arctic

Do you know which Arctic species is one of the longest-living animals on Earth? Learn more about the unique and amazing animals living in the Arctic with Ocean Conservancy’s new fact sheets.

Beluga Whales

Known for my distinctive white color, I live in the chilly waters of the Arctic and subarctic.
Learn more about beluga whales.

Bowhead Whales

My name comes from the shape of my jaw, which resembles an archer’s bow. 
Learn more about bowhead whales.

Harp Seals

You might recognize me as one of the Arctic’s most iconic (and adorable!) species.
Learn more about harp seals.


I’m known for my distinct tusk, which landed me the nickname “unicorn of the sea.”
Learn more about narwhals.


I’m easy to spot in the ocean—my iconic black and white coloring gives me away.
Learn more about orcas.

Polar Bears

Although my fur appears white, it’s actually transparent. My hollow hair shafts reflect light much like ice does.
Learn more about polar bears.


I’ve got one of the flashiest beaks out there! Check out its bright color. 
Learn more about puffins.

Steller Sea Lions

I’m the biggest, baddest sea lion around. Well, at least the biggest—we can weigh up to 2,500 pounds!
Learn more about Steller sea lions.


You might recognize me from my large, prominent tusks. They’re the best tool I have to survive in the Arctic. 
Learn more about walruses. 

Protect the Arctic

Learn how you can help protect the Arctic and the wildlife who call it home.


Why the Ocean Matters

The ocean provides the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. Learn more about why the ocean matters to you.  

Vision for a Healthy Ocean

Ocean Conservancy works to keep the ocean healthy, to keep us healthy.

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