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International Coastal Cleanup Sponsoring Partner: NOAA

A leader in marine debris prevention.

Since 2005, cutting-edge work by the NOAA Marine Debris Program (MDP) has moved the cause forward dramatically. The federal program, tasked by the 2006 Marine Debris Research, Prevention and Reduction Act with protecting the US marine environment from the harmful effects of debris, has partnered with the International Coastal Cleanup since its inception.

NOAA program staff are committed to finding science-based solutions to marine debris. NOAA's research about marine debris has helped inform the public about this issue. Educational materials available online at www.marinedebris.noaa.gov explain the science in everyday language. The NOAA MDP supports innovative projects such as "Fishing for Energy" and "Nets to Energy," which convert old fishing gear—a major marine debris problem—into electricity. NOAA is also leading efforts to plan the 5th International Marine Debris Conference, likely to be held in early 2011. The conference will provide a much-needed opportunity to share knowledge and work toward global solutions.

The NOAA MDP contributes experience as well as funding for Cleanup outreach and education. NOAA MDP experts share invaluable research and insights with Cleanup staff, and employees get personally involved by participating in Cleanup events in Seattle, Honolulu, and Washington, DC. In 2009, over 170 NOAA employees and family members participated.

"Our goal is to make sure people learn about marine debris, and are engaged and empowered to make a change," says Dr. Holly Bamford, director of the NOAA Marine Debris Program. “The International Coastal Cleanup network allows us to do that across the country and around the world and NOAA is proud to partner with Ocean Conservancy in its Cleanup efforts."

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