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International Coastal Cleanup Sponsoring Partner: Bank of America

Bank of America recognizes the importance of ocean health.

Bank of America - Bank of America Volunteers participate in the 2011 26th Annual International Coastal Cleanup at Chennai, India. Photo: Natarajan Rajan

Bank of America recognizes the importance of ocean health—just ask Alex Liftman, Global Environmental Executive at Bank of America. "The health of our environment—including the ocean—has a great impact on things like the weather, our food supply, the world economy and even the air we breathe. Regardless of where you live, your well-being depends on a healthy ocean," she says.

Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup, the world's largest volunteer event promoting ocean health, exemplifies a commitment to community and sustainable living. That's why, for more than 12 years, Bank of America has sponsored and participated in this important endeavor. 

"Ocean Conservancy is unequaled in its efforts to make the world's waterways healthier for us all. The results are quantifiable and measurable and highlight the impact that each one of us can have in making our waterways more sustainable around the world," Liftman says.

Bank of America's employees are certainly showing the impact that they can have as well. In 2011, Bank of America set a new personal record, with more than 900 employees volunteering nearly 3,100 hours to help clean up waterways and the ocean. Bank of America is looking to beat that record in 2012, with flagship Cleanups around the world, from Johannesburg, South Africa, to Shanghai, China, as well as domestic events in Portland, Ore., Providence, R.I., and Richmond, Va. 

Bank of America was also quick to respond when Ocean Conservancy started organizing cleanups throughout the summer and fall in response to debris created from the 2011 Japanese tsunami. "We felt circumstances warranted our support for tsunami debris relief in Oregon, Washington and Northern California. We're pleased to make additional support available to Ocean Conservancy as they deliver resources to some of the communities hardest hit by the debris washing ashore," Liftman explains.

From supporting employee volunteerism to responding to emergency needs, Bank of America is committed to promoting local and global environmental sustainability. Liftman thinks that Sylvia Earle, Ocean Conservancy's former board member, says it best when she describes the ocean as "the blue heart of the planet, making life possible for us all."

If your company would like to be a Sponsoring Partner of the International Coastal Cleanup, please download our corporate sponsorship booklet and email us at corporategiving@oceanconservancy.org.

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