Ocean Acidification

OA East Coast video

East Coast Ocean Acidification

There is growing concern that the effects of...

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OA West Coast Video

West Coast Ocean Acidification

The West Coast is on the frontline of ocean...

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OA Slideshow feature

Changing Chemistry: The people impacted by ocean acidification

When carbon pollution from the atmosphere is...

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Ocean Acidification Can Hurt Jobs and Businesses

Thousands of jobs and livelihoods are supported...

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California's Future Ocean

Ocean Acidification This Way Comes: A Wake-Up Call for California

As I stand along the Santa Cruz shore gazing at...

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Soft Coral

Of Fear, Hope, and the Future of Our Ocean

As an ocean scientist I am personally familiar...

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Ocean Seacape

What’s in a Number? Insights and Opportunities for Ocean Health

What if you could take the pulse of the ocean?...

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Ocean Acidification Anxiety at 36,000 Feet

As the jumbo jet lifts off over the San...

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Confronting Ocean Acidification: It’s Going to Take a Village

I’m really hoping last week was a turning point...

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