Learn more about the unique and amazing animals with Ocean Conservancy’s new fact sheets.

American Lobsters

There’s much more to me than a fancy dinner entree!
Learn more about American lobsters.

Atlantic Cod

I’m one of the most popular food fishes in the Atlantic!
Learn more about Atlantic cod.

North Atlantic Right Whales

Weighing up to 70 tons, I’m one of the world’s largest animals! 
Learn more about North Atlantic right whales.

Sea Scallops

I’m a major favorite of seafood lovers. 
Learn more about sea scallops.

Surf Scoter

My jet black color, white patches on my head and multi-colored beak certainly make me stand out.
Learn more about the surf scoter.

White Marlin

I’m one of the flashier predators in the sea!
Learn more about white marlin.

Support Smart Ocean Planning

Learn how we are working with a variety of stakeholders around the country to make smart choices and preserve our wild, healthy ocean and all the benefits it gives us.


Why the Ocean Matters

The ocean provides the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. Learn more about why the ocean matters to you.  

Vision for a Healthy Ocean

Ocean Conservancy works to keep the ocean healthy, to keep us healthy.

Our Solutions

We champion sound science that will lead to innovative, sustainable solutions.

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