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International Coastal Cleanup 2012 Data Release

Nearly 600,000 volunteers joined together for Ocean Conservancy's 2011 International Coastal Cleanup. Here's what they found.

International Coastal Cleanup 2012 Data Release - Volunteers at the ICC in South Africa, 2011. Photo: Thomene Dilley

For more than a quarter of a century, volunteers with Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup have picked up everything imaginable along the world's shorelines: cigarette butts, food wrappers, and even the proverbial kitchen sink.

These passionate ocean lovers not only pick up trash that endangers the health of humans, wildlife, and coastal economies, they count every item as well.

The resulting item-by-item, location-by-location Ocean Trash Index provides an invaluable snapshot of just what's out there, and helps inform lasting solutions.

Check out highlights from the 2011 Cleanup below or download the complete set of data from the 2011 data release:

Download the raw data in CSV files | Download the cleanup data as a .PDF

Learn more about what goes on behind the scenes during the International Coastal Cleanup.

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ICC 2012 Data Release: Behind the Scenes

A look at some of the strange things—and the sheer volume of debris—found during the 2011 International Coastal Cleanup.

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