Top 10 Items Found

The passionate volunteers who participate in the International Coastal Cleanup® each year don’t just pick up trash that endangers the health of humans, wildlife and coastal economies; they count every item as well.

The resulting item-by-item, location-by-location Ocean Trash Index that Ocean Conservancy compiles each year provides the only global snapshot of the marine debris littering coasts and waterways around the world.

Many of the most commonly found pieces of trash include items we use every day from food wrappers to beverage containers to plastic bags.

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You can help keep everyday items like these out of our ocean. Join the fight for a healthy ocean by taking the pledge to help turn the tide on ocean trash.


People, Pounds and Miles

In 2012, Cleanup volunteers covered a distance of nearly 18,000 miles and collected weird finds ranging from lottery tickets to toothbrushes.


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