After the Cleanup

Finished cleaning up? Here’s what to do next.

Trash collected at an International Coastal Cleanup event in Puerto Rico - Photo: Angel Valentin

Share Your Results

Return all data forms to Ocean Conservancy after ensuring that you have included the cleanup location and total number of participants as well as the final amount of trash collected.

Ways to submit your data:

  • Email:
  • Mail: Ocean Conservancy
    Attn: International Coastal Cleanup
    1300 19th St NW, 8th Floor
    Washington, DC 20036

Survey your cleanup team post-event. Encourage everyone to share experiences, stories and pictures about what they saw. This might encourage others to attend future events—and now is the time to start planning. Get volunteers onboard while their enthusiasm is high!

Say Thanks

Send out an email saying, “Look what we did!” Include how many friends, family and community members joined in, and how many pounds of trash were collected.

Collect lessons learned and best practices for future activities.

Share photos from the event with your community, and consider emailing your images to

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Do-It-Yourself Cleanup Tool Kit

Want to start your own cleanup? Get started here.

Before the Cleanup

Ready to organize your own cleanup? Here’s what to do next.

During the Cleanup

Ready to start cleaning up? Here’s what to do next.

Sign Up to Clean Up

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International Coastal Cleanup

Volunteers collected more than 16 million pounds of trash during Ocean Conservancy's 2016 International Coastal Cleanup. Here's what they found.

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