Vibrant Marine Wildlife

Life on Earth began in the sea, and today ocean life continues to nurture and sustain all of us, regardless of where we live.

Vibrant ocean creatures, from the tiniest sea snails to the grandest whales, are the heart of a healthy ocean and a healthy planet.

Tiny ocean plants create half the oxygen in every breath you take. The ocean’s fish feed a hungry world and sustain livelihoods. And diverse and spectacular ocean life is woven through centuries of myth, legend, literature and art, feeding the human spirit.

Gulf of Mexico Species

We’re monitoring indicator species in the Gulf of Mexico, from seabirds and vital fish populations to blue crabs scuttling along the sand. They have a lot to tell us about the Gulf’s health following the BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster and decades of degradation so we can ensure the restoration of this national treasure. It is vital that we protect marine life for the future of the Gulf, and for the fishermen and communities who depend on it.

Arctic Species

We’re working to protect Arctic life including the iconic polar bear as ever-increasing human activities like shipping and oil and gas development add to the stresses of warming water and melting ice in this pristine but fragile region.

Pacific Coast Species

The Pacific Coast hosts an incredible array of life, including a rainbow’s worth of colorful fish, soaring birds and charismatic marine mammals like whales and sea otters. We’re protecting essential habitat like rocky reefs and kelp forests to ensure that key species on the Pacific Coast can thrive in a healthy ocean home.


Why the Ocean Matters

The ocean provides the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. Learn more about why the ocean matters to you.  

Vision for a Healthy Ocean

Ocean Conservancy works to keep the ocean healthy, to keep us healthy.

Our Solutions

We champion sound science that will lead to innovative, sustainable solutions.

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