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Preparing to Fight for a Healthy Ocean in 2013

Our resolutions for the new year include on-the-ground efforts to protect the ocean's future.

At Ocean Conservancy, we are constantly thinking about the ocean’s future. As we plan for the year ahead, our resolutions involve on-the-ground efforts to protect the ocean’s health and the health of our planet.

We’ll be working with Japanese researchers in early 2013 to conduct tsunami debris surveys on West Coast and Hawaiian beaches. And our monitoring efforts with local volunteers will continue along the California coast as well.

Our marine debris scientist will also be collaborating with sea turtle monitoring programs in several coastal states. By educating these volunteers about ocean trash and providing them with Ocean Conservancy’s data card to record what they find, we can enrich our scientific data while reducing the likelihood that sea turtles will become entangled in trash or accidentally ingest it.

In the Gulf of Mexico, we’ll be continuing our work to provide decision-makers with the resources they need to make important choices about restoring this vital region. In addition to recommending specific restoration projects, we’ll be producing a detailed atlas that highlights important ecological areas and indicates which regions have seen the most impacts from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster.

Our outreach specialist on the North Coast of California will be kayaking through the Humboldt Bay marine protected area to document the rays, leopard sharks and seabirds in the area. We’ll also be sharing educational materials about the state’s network of underwater parks with schools and museums in the region. And aerial surveys will help us better understand and educate others about the boundaries of these marine protected areas.

As we work with experts to raise awareness about the emerging threat of ocean acidification, we’ll be visiting coastal locations across the country that are likely to feel the greatest impacts. We’ll also be exploring the potential for an early warning system for ocean acidification that will help protect jobs and livelihoods.

In the new year, we’ll move forward with our work advocating for smart ocean planning by connecting with stakeholders all over the country. And in the Arctic, we’ll be continuing our fight for a time-out on oil and gas activity in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas as a new drilling season approaches.

Ocean Conservancy’s resolutions for 2013 are only possible with your support. Help us continue our work to ensure a healthy ocean for the future.

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