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Rippl: Frequently Asked Questions

Rippl is a free mobile application that helps you make simple, sustainable lifestyle choices.

How do I get Rippl?

You can download the application from iTunes here. We're currently working on an Android version for release.

What is the difference between Rippl and Ocean Conservancy?

Rippl is a product created by Ocean Conservancy to help stimulate a new community of everyday sustainability advocates. Rippl will allow users to take simple, small actions that reduce individual waste impact and, when combined with actions by others, result in large-scale, positive impacts for a healthy environment.

What devices does Rippl work on?

Rippl works on iOS application platforms and is made specifically for the iPhone. We are currently working on an Android version.

How much does the Rippl iPhone app cost?

Rippl™ is FREE for all users.

Can I use Rippl offline or in Airplane mode?

You can use Rippl offline. The customized notifications and reminders work with your own calendar so they can be used without the Internet. This will also prevent the application from draining your device's battery.

Is there a version of Rippl for Android phones?

No, we are currently working on an Android version.

What if I have feedback or questions about Rippl?

Great! We want to hear from you. You can either email us at or provide feedback directly within the application.

What does it mean to have "science-based recommendations?"

Our team of environmental scientists collaborated on this project and helped develop Rippl to make sure all of our tips to reduce waste would actually make an impact in the real world. In addition, we are also consulting with behavior change experts at Arizona State University to ensure the customizable alerts will help lead to positive habit-building activities and trends.

Can other Rippl users view my progress?

Rippl is a great tool for tracking your own progress, and we're already working toward an update that will allow you to compare yourself to your community. Collective impact is a powerful tool in evaluating the value of individual action and something we're fully committed to showing with this project.

Will Ocean Conservancy use my data or information?

Data from the use of this app is collected to improve its performance in future versions. We take the security and confidentiality of your data very seriously. We do not collect identifiable information. Aggregate research results may be shared publicly—particularly to show collective impact and behavior change implications—but these results will not be connected to any personally identifiable information, and your participation will remain completely confidential.

How often will I get notifications from Rippl?

Rippl's notification system is fully customizable to work with your preferences and schedule. You can select how often you receive tip reminders and which reminders you would like to receive at all. As your small changes become habits, you can easily switch off those notifications.

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